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Investment Outcomes

Infographic: A smoother journey to retirement

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Infographic: A smoother journey to retirement

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Infographic: A smoother journey to retirement


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For peace of mind, trustees need a smoother journey to achieving their members’ retirement goals!

Trustees need to get the best possible returns for their members without too much exposure to short-term capital fluctuations.

Ideally they should be able to get:

  • reduced fluctuations (ups and downs) in returns over a year
  • the highest possible real returns (growth over and above inflation) over a three to five year period.

Absolute return products are specifically designed to achieve a smoother journey to members’ retirement goals. While delivering on clients’ required returns, they also manage to avoid the numerous ‘potholes’ to ensure a smoother passage along the way.

They do this through actively managing the risks through skillful tactics such as derivatives and tactical asset allocation.  For these capital protection strategies, there is a small premium that is attached.

Overall, these protection strategies are effective in ensuring a safer, low-risk journey (ie preserving capital in volatile markets), while still maximising returns for retirement fund members over the longer term, to achieve the end goal: a successful retirement.

AR June 20161

AR June 20162

Download the full PDF version here.

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